WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP Web Server Installation Tutorials

For every new web developer, web designer or learner, one of the problem is, don't know how to install a web server on their own PC or Mac. We need to setup the local web servers for the following conditions..

  • To move from static web sites to dynamic websites
  • To test our server side scripts and databases (e.g PHP, MySQL etc.)
  • To install the CMS, ecommerce softwares, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop etc.

We created a collections of video from Youtube and other sources. You can learn, "How to Install WAMP and XAMPP web servers on Windows" and "How to install MAMP on Mac" from the collection. This list will be updated whenever we find new tutorials.

Feel free to Contact us with the title of the Video 

  • if you have problem with seeing video, or
  • you can't use youtube, or
  • you want to download the video for offline use

. We will send MP4 video by email. We want to help your learning experience in web development.

  1. WAMP Server to have a local server
  2. Install wamp server on Windows XP professional
  3. How to set up WAMP server
  4. Multiple host for a Local Server
  5. How to set up a Home Web Server
  6. How to make a private server
  7. WAMP Server Tutorial
  8. How to Configure XAMPP Server
  9. Install XAMPP to make Localhost
  10. Apache, PHP and MySQL with XAMPP
  11. Local Apache Server Live 2 Internet
  12. XAMPP FTP Server
  13. Setting up a .com with XAMPP
  14. Create Multiple sites using Apache
  15. XAMPP 1.7.2 for Linux Ubuntu 9.04
  16. phpBB on Apache XAMPP Server
  17. XAMPP For XP, Vista 32 & 64-bit PC
  18. Install MAMP & Wordpress on OS X
  19. Localhost on Your Mac using MAMP
  20. Installing MAMP
  21. Install WordPress Locally on MAC
  22. Installing MAMP on Macs
  23. Installed WordPress on a Mac
  24. MAMP and WordPress Installation
  25. How to Install Drupal in MAMP
  26. How to Install Joomla 1.5 on a MAMP

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