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CRUDing Entity Properties with Entity Metadata Wrappers

In D7 Entity, EFQ (Entity Field Query) is a nice one for manipulating the Entity Fields. At some points, we might need to use Entity Properties to CRUD if we don't want to use Fieldable entity for certain reasons. Personally I just found two approaches after trials and errors because there is no documentation/article about updating Entity Properties.

1) Traditional db_query/db_merge.

Drupal Learning Tips and Tricks For Beignners and Beyond

Learning Drupal is always life time event for a Drupal user. If you are a new comer, it is hard to know Where and How to start. I was in that situation when I started my Drupal journey in mid 2009. Since that time, I'm always finding the ways to help Drupal new comers.

How to create Facebook short links without any software

How to create Facebook short links without any software.?
Facebook has long and hard to remember links, but it is easy to create short links.
Here is how to get a short link for SMS, shareing to others or any other usage.

Any Facebook content has their own unique ID.
Example (Status updates)
2) Remove "everlearner/posts/" OR
    Take "417713808297636" and combine with
3) Final link   

Ophcrack - Free, Open Source Windows Password Cracker Software

If you are a Windows System Administrator, IT Support or Windows power user, sometimes you may have a hard time to recover lost passwords from Windows machines. For these cases, Ophcrack is a really time saver software utility for you. Ophcrack use the rainbow tables to crack the passwords.

It is a GUI tool. That means, it is a very convenience tool for the people whose don't want to use or not familiar with command line programs.


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