Embedding Views as Node Content or Views Field

One of the client want a content type A to show a few fields from other content type B based on some specific criteria. My solution is using the combination of Entity Reference and View Field.
drupal view content field

Viewfield - http://drupal.org/project/viewfield
A few features:
- provide a reference field to a view and render all the content generated by the view.
- administrator can predefine the specific view to show.
- option to select views for node author, if there is no predefined views.
- token based view arguments.

Views Field View - http://drupal.org/project/views_field_view
- to embed a view as a field in a view
- can be used as a row of a view
- can be used inside header, footer or empty area
- can accept "token based (raw or rendered)" or static arguments from "Fields of parent view"

To get the best caching experience, use this view in conjunction with
1) "Views Content Cache" http://drupal.org/project/views_content_cache and
2) "Cache Actions" http://drupal.org/project/cache_actions

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