A Remote Team for a Tech Startup in Myanmar

How many tech, internet startup in Yangon are founded as "Remote Team"?

Initial Idea
The main idea is to overcome the following major problems.
- Super expensive office rental fee for a startup.
- Lack of enough Electricity
- Slow and Expensive internet lines
- Daily travelling hours between office and home which is a nightmare for both men and ladies.

Expected Outcomes
The expectations from a successul remote team are as follows.
- To get more productivity
- To make less stresses for the team members
- To create more work and life balance for the team members
- To invest on more salary.... ?

Problems & Solutions for a "Remote Team" (in Yangon)
1) Trust on each team mate
    + If your team already known each others skills, mindset, trust is not an issue.
    + Everyone's outcome will attract trusts from the team.
    + New comers also need to build the trust based on their work and commits
2) Electricity
    + A fully charged laptop can work at least 5 hours
    + Solar powered charger?
3) Internet Connection?
    + Each team member can use company provided mobile SIM.
    + Company can invest more on connection after saving expensive office rental fee.
    + Need some research between
    ++ Physical office that monthly costs - Office Rental Fee + Total Travelling expenses of each team member for every month + Monthly Electricity & Utility Bills + Internet Bill (a single line sharing the whole office)
    ++ Remote Team - Each person will have a SIM for work. Company will pay monthly internet bill.
    ++ Comparison and productivity analysis of office internet speed and mobile internet speed
4) Communication
    + Skype, Google Hangout, Google Docs for internal wiki etc
    + Weekly meeting at a Cafe in less traffic time
    + Lunch meetings
5) Clients Relations
    + Coffee shops,
    + Visit to their offices

My Future Plans
I have a plan to set up a "Remote Team" before (or after) I went back and work in Myanmar. That is why, I'm trying to figure out the possible solutions. Moreover, I have been working as a part of a remote team for many personal and clients projects long time. I really like the outcome of the experiences and I love to apply these for my own startup.

I shout out this idea to the public because I want more feedbacks from the community, I want other startups make use of my initial idea for their companies.

If you are a passionate professional for what you love to work and if you know what you are doing, you can be a remote team mate. You have to love what you are working. This mean you are working for what you love to do in your life, not for the salary.
A remote team member may be virtually anywhere, as long as we can see the productivity, we can work together.

My believe is "If you are working for what you love to work, your days will be full of happiness and the "jobs, income" will follow you."

Are you interesting to join my future "Remote Team", feel free to send your interest to everlearner at mmshare.org today... :)

Initial Thoughts and Idea here


Great idea bro!

Dear Bro Maung,

Appreciate your Spirit and thoughts. Please update this blog regularly.


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