What Can We Bring Back for Our Country, Myanmar

We can't see the future of a person, is it?

Here is an example of CEO & President of HTC, Mr. Peter Chou (Burmese name U Win Thant) who was born in 1953, in Mandalay, lived till 1981, before he went to Taiwan. More info about his bio at - http://goo.gl/DWqGm

Today he was presenting about his experiences at a Seminar in Yangon, Myanmar Info Tech. I believe the attendees and young people can get some worthy experience and advices from him.

Coming Back with Helping Hands

"I will do whatever I can do for Myanmar". It is an excerpt from one of his speech, in today seminar. He come back to the country with helping hands after 30 years. He promised to help the development of the country and created an ICT foundation to help the development in Myanmar ICT. How great is it?

We need helping hands. We don't need blood suckers whose intending to suck all natural resources, oil, gas, teaks & jewels.

How about other Big Guys?

At the same time I'm quietly willing to hear similar voices and helps from other big persons in Myanmar, whose become rich by various ways within past 10 years.

As for us, young people, we only have idea and willing to do something good for the country and the people. Hope we can combine the strengths of the youth and big guys in near future to rebuild the nation.

Time for the Country

It is time to unite. It is time to rebuild our nation. It is time to make the whole country develop. It is time to stop civil wars. It is time to stop wasting of our energy after fighting each other. It is time to work all together.

Are you a Myanmar citizen currently living in a foreign country?
How many years we already left for the country?
How can we bring the best experiences & technologies from developing countries to Myanmar?
What we can bring back to the country? Yes, the time is coming.


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