Three Takeaways from 2015

Just want to share "3 Takeaways" from my year 2015 experiences.

  1. Always good to others is the Best for all.
  2. Knowing the Limits of - Skills, Knowledge, Life, Job, Health, Relationships with others - will always Save from extra risks.
  3. Saying "No" early or at the beginning, is the Best for all.

More details for those have time to read...

  1. Always good to others.
    So that you are always doing good.
    This also means you have no time to do bad things.
    The first person who will get benefits from this is you, not anyone.

    If you are not able to good, stop there. 
    Don't do bad.
  2. Knowing the Limits, helps "When to stop".
    Being good until your limits.
    So that we will never
    - over promise,
    - over act or
    - killing ourselves in Life, Work & Friendship.

    Knowing the Limits always help us 
    - to learn more, 
    - to try more beyond it and
    - to take the risks with care.
  3. Saying "No" as early as possible. 
    It is saving yourself and anyone working with you.
    To say "No" early, you need to know the Limits of you, your skills and your team (if it is job).

    Saying "No" early is always better than saying "So Sorry" later.

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