How to read the Smashing Magazine Articles effectively and prepare for future references and developments

As we are working with Internet, online magazines and journals especially publishing about Internet and Web technology, are very useful and helpful for us. Among those online media, Smashing Magazine is publishing about the Internet, Web Design and Web Development, especially.

In this article, I want to share my reading experience about the Smashing Magazine. Mostly I read the articles from Smashing Magazine (also NetTuts++ and CSSTricks) via Great News Portable RSS reader.

If the article is very interesting and see the large number of readers' comments, I go to the site and review almost every comment. It is quite nice to read readers' review. Sometimes, some of the readers' review, support and fill up some of the missing idea, concepts of the writers. Anyway I like Smashing Magazine, all the contributors, readers, commenters and overall Smashing Magazine Community.

Most of the Smashing Magazine articles are wide range, resourceful explanations and refer to external valuable resources, so we need to pay a few time to digest and to cover all the concepts and knowledge giving by the writers and comments of the community.
Here is how I read the Smashing Magazine articles effectively and how to prepare for future jobs, and developments. I just want to share my ways here.

  1. Open a new browser, for me Firefox (with Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar)
  2. Read the Article and Open external references and links via new tabs (if I want to read more).
  3. Continue the reading until the end of all the comments.
  4. Also open the links from the comments, as some of the links from the commenters are also valuable.
  5. If I feel all the article and other opening pages are useful for future, I Bookmark All Tabs under a New Bookmark folder.
  6. Name the folder with the shorten name of the Article and add the Full title as the Comment of the folder.
  7. If I want to digest more, I copy some part of the article, and comment into the HTML Editor (I use KompoZer portable) and save as plain HTML file and move to my phone. So I can read again the article anywhere, such as on the bus, train, walking around and even though in the toilet :P. If I want more, I save all the opened tabs as web pages into a specific folder and copy into the phone, for easy reading anytime.

I believe reading make us perfect people. Reading some valuable articles, books etc, can save and improve our daily activities and jobs as well as preventing from waste of our precious time.

  • I already shared apart of my reading experience.
  • How about your daily learning experience to improve your life and future?
  • Do you have another ways of learning?
  • We are kindly invite you to share all about your learning methods and experiences, in the comment for us and other active learners around the world.

(Myanmar version of this article for our Myanmar folks, will be published soon.)

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