How to create Facebook short links without any software

How to create Facebook short links without any software.?
Facebook has long and hard to remember links, but it is easy to create short links.
Here is how to get a short link for SMS, shareing to others or any other usage.

Any Facebook content has their own unique ID.
Example (Status updates)
2) Remove "everlearner/posts/" OR
    Take "417713808297636" and combine with
3) Final link   

Example (Any Image)
2) Take the number after "fbid=", e.g - "446581562070851"
3) Add to
4) Final link

Example (Any note)
1) Take the last numbers of any notes
2) Add to
3) Final link (example)

Example (Any Photo Album)
1) Example -
2) Take the numbers after "set=a.", e.g = 339110956151246 from above album
3) Add to
4) Final link =

I hope you may probably get the idea of how to get the short URLs for other Facebook links too.
Now it is time to test and enjoy the links of your own.. :)
Merry Christmas to you all....


Thanks for sharing, bro.

This article was quite useful for some people including me.

Today, I found another tip to make the links more shorter. Here is the example, which is the shortest link to my previous post. or

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