Fighting Spam Accounts and Spam Comments with Combination of Captcha and Botcha

If you are a Drupal developer or a Drupal site administrator, how many of you are tiring with fighting spam comments and spam accounts in your Drupal sites?
What modules are you using to solve these problems?

For me, I was facing so many spam problems for, and some other Drupal sites, about two years. I used Captcha module with Maths captcha, but spam robots know how to by pass the challenges :D

A few days ago, I installed a new module, called Botcha together with existing Captcha module. There is no more spam accounts and spam comments from and now. I even can reopen account creation permissions for both sites.

If you are in such situations, try to use a combination of the following two modules. I'm sure, you will get amazing results. :)

Captcha -
Botcha -


There is a Stackoverflow question and answers about Botcha and spam protections.

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