Drupal Learning Tips and Tricks For Beignners and Beyond

Learning Drupal is always life time event for a Drupal user. If you are a new comer, it is hard to know Where and How to start. I was in that situation when I started my Drupal journey in mid 2009. Since that time, I'm always finding the ways to help Drupal new comers.

The followings are some more explanations of the "Drupal Learning Tips", excerpt from the slide "Beyond the Beginner - Path Ways to Advanced Drupal Levels & Businesses", presented at DrupalCamp Singapore 2013.

  • Learn and Know the Powers of Drupal to motivate yourself (Very Important)
    - Drupal is growing everyday, if you stop learning, you will surely left behind.
  • Find a Drupal mentor (if possible)
    - Learning something from a person who already know about the subject is always faster than self learning.
  • Join nearest Drupal community
    - Community is always your live saver if you are working as a single developer in your company.
  • Ask as many questions as possible
    - If you don't ask the Questions and Solutions for your problems, nobody in the community can help you. But be careful to ask the right questions. Otherwise, the community will ignore you sooner or later.
  • Try to be Familiar & Talk with Drupal Jargons
    - To learn Drupal and to ask the questions, you have to be familiar with the right Drupal terminologies, node, content type, taxonomy etc. The more you can use the right terminologies, the faster to get the solutions from your internet search results and feedbacks from the community.
  • Digest the Drupal Basics
    - Download, install and play with Drupal in your localhost. Either you are a newbie or experience programmer, you have to fully understand Drupal Basic. Moreover there is an awesome online book "Book: Drupal 7 – the Essentials"
  • Learn from free/paid Drupal Videos
    - If you don't have a chance to learn from a human mentors, you still can learn from videos. Some of them includes
    -- drupalize.me (paid and free), 
    -- buildamodule.com (paid and free),
    -- nodeone.se (free), and
    -- Daily Dose of Drupal - Drupal Training Videos at codekarate.com (free)
    -- mustardseedmedia.com (paid and free).
    -- Drupal in Internet Archive (archive.org/search.php?query=Drupal)
    -- Also can search Drupal videos from Youtube (youtube.com/results?q=drupal)
  • Learn from Drupal Case Studies
    - If you have an idea to build a site with Drupal, someone already created a similar site. Thanks to the Drupal community, there is a collection of Drupal Case Studies that you can explore the use case, why drupal is chosen, how the modules are used and so on.
  • Build your own site locally and apply knowledge
    - Without actual practise nobody can success.
  • Learn from Books and community Tutorials
    - There are more than 30 books already published about Drupal covering various categories from Security, Side Building, Views, Entity and so on. You can browse at Drupal Books Marketplace.
  • Learn something new every day to motivate your progress
    - Drupal community is amazing. There is an archieve of Drupal articles around the Planet (currently aggregated from 513 sources in this time of writing). All the articles are very useful and well writing. The sources are selected using some specific guidelines. The Drupal Planet is "An everyday must visit website" for all Drupal Developers.

These tips are not only useful for learning Drupal, you can apply to learn for other subjects too. The following screen is grabbed from my presentation "Beyond the Beginner - Path Ways to Advanced Drupal Levels & Businesses", slide No. 29 "Drupal Learning Tips". http://slideshare.net/everlearner/beyond-the-beginner-path-ways-to-advan...

Drupal Learning Tips

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