Drupal for Absolute Beginners slides Presented at Microsoft Singapore and Plug-In@Blk71 Singapore

A few months ago (17 Oct 2012), I had a chance to contributed to the community. That was to present a few Drupal introductory courses to the local community.

It was organized by the Drupal Developer Network Singapore. Microsoft (Singapore) sponsored venue and foods. It was a series of 3 parts events and you can see the details in the following links from Drupal.org.sg

Part 1 http://www.drupal.org.sg/events/80479192/
Part 2 http://www.drupal.org.sg/events/87464452/
Part 3 http://www.drupal.org.sg/events/87465732/

On March 15 2013, I had another opportunity to contribute to the community again. It was a Global Drupal training day, the venue was sponsored by Plug-In@Blk71, managed by NUS Enterprise. This one day long event was starting from 9:30 AM to 5:30 pm and we had one hour lunch break.

Check more detail about this one day event at "Drupal Training Day for Absolute Beginners (full day)" http://www.meetup.com/Drupal-SG/events/108242752/

Attendees and Results

The attendees on both events were -

  • absolute beginners to Drupal,
  • web development shop owners,
  • developer and themers with other CMS (such as WordPress, Joomla) background,
  • startups owners wondering what is Drupal and how they could make use of,
and so on.

The outcomes of the trainings were amazing. Most of the attendees were happy with the learning experiences. They saw the power of Drupal and how the World is using Drupal.

You can see the comments of the attendees and beautiful photos in above links.

Sharing is Caring

I started my Drupal learning on mid 2009 myself with the help of community created documentations and articles. Without those resources, I'm not here today. That was the main driven force for me to contribute back to the community when I get some level of Drupal knowledge. The results are those events and slides below.

I prepared the following presentation for those sessions. You are feel free to use the slide for your own Drupal journey. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding to the presentations, events and future trainings.


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