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Engineers from Google make our daily lifestyles easy. Now they put a new toy into our hands again. It is Google TV. It is a combination of Internet Features into the TV. Seem simple, but there are a lot of lovely features inside. Google TV brings some awesomeness to us. Here, I would like to highlight some of the features for people and developers.

Our phone as Remote Control on Google TV

  1. AIO- TV, applications, search, and the web. All inside a TV. The TV become smarter than before.
  2. Search - We can search everything on the TV, awesome. It is the combination of Television and Search Engine. We can use Google TV to search TV channels, applications and the entire web, simultaneously.
  3. Web Browser in TV - With the built-in web browser, we can search everything from the whole web. For example, we can use..
    - Wikipedia - to get useful information,
    - Google Maps - to look for the locations,
    - Amazon - to browse new products,
    - Youtube - to see videos in the TV,
    - Flickr to see beautiful images,
    - and much more...
  4. Applications - In our smartphones, there are applications to play, tweet etc. Now Google TV brings our favorite apps in the TV. Nice right? Moreover, developers will be able to create their own made-for-TV websites with Google TV's open platform. So lovely. Open source, open platform is totally awesome. Now is the time to start learning about available resources. Find out more...
  5. Remote Control - Hay! thinking how to control this awesome TV? Don't worry. Google make it easy for everyone. We can use our phones as a remote control. Even more, we can use our voice to search.
  6. Personal Home Page - Are you boring with current TV with a blank screen when switch on? Now we can have our homepage on TV. We can decorate our TV screens with favorite channels, apps, websites, bookmarks, most visited sites.
  7. Dual View - Time is very precious for us. We can use both TV and Internet on the same TV screen with Dual view. Google TV bring a lovely idea to us.
  8. Easy TV - Google TV will work with our TVs, cables, satellites and internet. It will be easy to setup Google TV and will work seamlessly with our existing TV and Internet and phones. Yes, really EASY.
  9. The Coolest Thing - With Google TV, all our requirements - web, apps, search and resources - come into our TVs. And later, anyone will be able to build applications for it. Google says "The coolest thing about Google TV is that we don't even know what the coolest thing about will be." in their demo. Yes, every thing can be happen under the sky with unlimited human creativities.

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Reference & Image - Google TV Demo
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